From the coffee table to the university classroom...


The Day the Sky Set Paris on Fire, 2016 (photographer, writer, designer, publisher)
A simple storybook of images and prose adapted from an experience in Paris when a single sunset brought the population out to see.

The Mountains of Tusheti: A Desert Meditation, ongoing (photographer, writer)
An intense walk in the shoes of a people in the middle of everything but at the edge of the world. Project currently incomplete.

Yolk Magazine, 2014 (editor, writer, project coordinator)
Conceptual magazine created in collaboration with four photojournalists from around the world.

Uproot/ed, 2013 (photographer, editor)
Special personal project documenting a woman’s abrupt move halfway around the world.

A Tourist of Saints: A Photographic Journal of Haiti, 2014 (editor)
Exhaustive long-form journalism collection by photojournalist/writer Philip Holsinger.

People of the Sea: The Haitian Fishermen, 2013 (photographer)
Personal project examining the lives of the people of Ile-a-Vache, and area normally untouched by international aid.

In Search of the Best Cup of Hot Chocolate: Haiti, 2013 (photographer)
An exploration of the increased development of Haiti along National Route 1. On assignment for the Office of the Prime Minister.

BNEW 313 – Paul, 2013 (videographer, photographer, designer, editor)
University text book in iBook form. A collaboration with theologian Bruce McLarty, president of Harding University. [Part 1] [Part 2]

Travelers of the Olympic Spirit, 2012 (photographer, writer, editor, designer)
Coffee table travel log of a special short-term program, students exploring the historic Olympic sites from Greece, to Munich, to the 2012 London Games.

Beautiful Tea, 2011 (photographer, writer, editor, designer)
“Is the rest of the world as beautiful as this?” she asked, overlooking the tea plantation from a plantation porch in Dibrugarh, India.

The Strength of Coffee, 2010 (photographer, writer, editor, designer)
A tracing of the people and places that have forever been changed by the flow of coffee around the world.

…But The Lord Was Not In The Wind: Hurricane Ike, 2009 (photographer, writer, editor, designer)
On the ground days after Hurricane Ike made landfall in southern Texas.